Welcome! This is the personal website of Dr. Paul A. Rodriguez

I have an extensive background of over thirty-six years in public education that places a high priority on versatility and results. My educational philosophy is based on building and sustaining positive relationships, trust, shared decision-making, active listening and open communication with all people while focused on an innovational approach to education. All students beginning at pre-school through high school must be prepared for future academic and professional success. With strong convictions, I firmly believe that schools must prepare every student for participation in the global economy and global community of the 21st. century. Based on my previous achievements, individuals describe my leadership as innovative and transformational in transitioning conventional classes and programs into model programs where all students learn, graduate, and attend college.

My capacity to relate to all levels within the educational profession-from the self-contained classroom teacher; high school guidance-counselor and upper-level administration has proved invaluable. Within the higher education community, I have lectured undergraduate, graduate and Doctorate students in a vast variety of educational courses and a number of higher educational institutions that has increased teacher, student and community success. I have successfully chaired four doctorate dissertation on various educational topics.

I recently co-authored a comprehensive book on “Reflective Practice of Multi-unicultural School Leaders: Strategies and Considerations for Improving Achievement of Cross-Culturally Diverse Students” released March, 2013.  My second book, interventions for grief, Midnight-Sunrise “Grief: Loss of a Loved One, Got to Know You”, released in March 2014, both may be found on my site and purchased, as well as other articles.   I firmly believe in building transformational, positive, appreciative inquiry and collaborative relationships with all people in our immediate and global society. I may be reached at cellular 909.519.2777, cogitoconsulting@aol.com , or par913@me.com, www.par913edu.com and www.california-commoncorestandards.com